#308- Back to stamping (5)

I have enjoyed making hand-crafted stamps so much, I felt the urge to make more!

I’m just in love with the imperfections, the pattern & texture I can create, the layering, the hardness of some of the lines.  It is one of the most primitive ways of creating a print and I’m simply in love with the technique.  here are some custom stamp prints I’ve made thus far.


I usually tell you what I’m up to on the first day of a project, but with this one, I feel like it would be more fun to describe my logic after I get everything down on  paper.

#308- Back to stamping (1)

I started out with acrylic paints on 140 lb cold-press paper.  I wet the paper with water, added some dabs of blue, yellow and white and began to mix the colors with the brayer. This gives the paper a smooth yet choppy texture with hash marks throughout.

#308- Back to stamping (3)

Next, I created some templates for future stamps.  I used tracing paper to map them out. They will be trees that curve around each other. I sort of needed to see where they were going to go. I then put them aside for another day.

#308- Back to stamping (2)

After that, I began to create tree stamps that will be in the background of the painting.  I decided to paint them black and white.

#308- Back to stamping (4)

Here are some of the trunk patterns.  In theory, only a small bit of these trees should show.  I plan on adding another layer over them.


So, this is all that I am willing to divulge at the moment!

I have pottery tomorrow, but  I will continue this painting on Wednesday.

Until then, TTFN!

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