Boy do I love Friedensreic Hundertwasser!

If you don’t know his work, check him out.   I find his work fascinating.

Today I am away from home. I packed my stamps, some gouache paint and a stack of paper thinking I’d create some more tree prints with my hand-made stamps.

When I sat down to work, I  realized key stamps were missing and out of the red, yellow and blue paint, my yellow was severely low.

Hmm. No stamps and one of the three primary colors missing.  Guess I’m not doing what I thought I was today!

When I get thrown curve balls like this, I scrap it all and just decide to play.

No pre-planning, no sketches, I just dip my brush in paint and see what manifests.

 I started with the magenta paint, basically because it is what I had most of!  I had no idea what the shapes were going to be.  I just painted.

4 pomegranate shapes popped up.  Was I going to paint pomegranates?  Nah.

Next, I put the blue and green lines in. I still had no idea what it would be, but the lines did give me a feeling of farm fields.

From there, the rest started to take shape.

I created a sky, brush, hills, texture and then I wondered what to do with those 4 large round orbs I made??? Black came to mind.  I decided to treat them all the same. I painted them black.

I  had one round tree stamp with me.  It seemed like a perfect fit.  I loaded up the stamp with white gouache and stamped the tree pattern in.

It all fell into place.  The 4 orbs turned into trees and the repetition of their pattern moves throughout the image. The lines create movement and the dabs of paint create patterns.

The painting is naïve, but I dig the colors and the movement.


All in all, It’s kind of fun when things don’t go the way you plan them to.  It makes you let go of all of the control you think you have, that you really never had in the first place!

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