Day # 314 – THE BABUCKS


This is a little 5×7 thank you painting to my step-mother, better known as “Meme”.

After her adorable grandchildren, her next love is her Buff Orpington chickens.  She calls them her “Babucks” because that’s what she insists they say all day… “Ba-buck…ba-buck…ba-buck…”

Day #312’s post was about BEING BRAVE.  Well, Meme & Pop-pop take the prize!

This weekend, they hosted their little 9-year-old grand-daughter and seven of her friends for an all-out-giggle-fest sleep-over party!

#314- THE BABUCKS  (2)b #314- THE BABUCKS  (3)b

#314- THE BABUCKS  (4)

Meme came up with a fabulous dress-up party game. We did hair, we did nails, Pop-pop made home-made pizza and ten little kids giggled the night away!

That was some crazy “girl power” energy.  I’m not sure I would have even been brave enough to host this one!

So as a little thank you for giving my daughter such an amazing experience, I shall send Meme this little memento.

Thank you grandparents.  We shall all sleep well tonight!

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