I just recently purchased these wire chairs.  They are inspired by Harry Bertoia who designed a similar chair in 1952.

My thought with these was easy maintenance.  I am so very tired of scrubbing off tomato sauce, rice, and who-knows-what from the bellies of my wooden chairs.  I can hose these down if necessary!

I’m a big fan of  everything mid-century modern. I simply can’t get enough!

I’ve had one problem so far.  These chairs came with black chair pads.  I really don’t like the black.  It gives the chairs an office furniture feeling.

I don’t like them.  So I might as well play with them right?  I have nothing to lose.  I’m going to replace them anyway.


I grabbed a can of primer and immediately got rid of the black.


I reached for my big box of handmade stamps and started to play.  I had no idea what I wanted which isn’t the best way to go into a project…


I wound up doing a little bit of everything!


The pads are cute.  But in hindsight, I wish I made them all one pattern.  It’s just too busy.

I have so much color and art going on around the house, that I actually like this dining area all white and tranquil.

I think these may be a very short-term addition.  Only in creating the opposite have I affirmed my desire for white simplicity.

Hmm…I wonder if I have enough of that primer left?

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