#316- Notch cut bowls complete (1)

I’m so happy!  I got my bowls back today.


Check out Post #274 – SLAB POTTERY NOTCH-CUT BOWLS for the how-to.

In the photos above, you can see the clay starts off gray.  However, when fired, the clay color becomes a warm oatmeal.  I just love it.  They totally suit my style.

These bowls were hand-built using flat slabs of clay.  I also used Pakistani wooden textile stamps to decorate the bowls.

#316- Notch cut bowls complete (5)I’m slowly building up a collection of black and white pottery.  I painted black & white stripes on the backs of these new bowls.  Now they tie in with some of my older pieces.

I also got my little dip bowl back.  This is the bowl I added a glass marble to the bottom of when it got fired.  You can see the glass crackle in it.  It’s a pretty little accent.

#316- Notch cut bowls complete (3)

I spent most of my pottery session working on potential Christmas gifts for teachers and other people who I need to thank.  I decided to make soap dishes that I will fill with local goat’s milk soap from one of our local farms.  I used doilies and stamps to give them texture. Notice how they get draped over the back side of a bowl to give the soap dish its arch.  I’m a little frustrated, my soap is making a mess resting on my sink.  I’d sure like a few of these for myself!

#316- Notch cut bowls complete (4)

The final part of my class was dedicated to under glazing last weeks pieces. This is the under-color. The traditional glazes will get added hopefully next week after these vessels have been bisque fired.

#316- Notch cut bowls complete (2)

I was telling my instructor that pottery day has become my favorite day of the week.  I just love working with my hands and physically manifesting something.   It’s very tactile and invigorates my senses.  Each week I go in with an idea of something I would like to try and then I get to figure out how to go about creating it.

Maybe it’s simply that I love learning.  It feels so good to try something you’ve never tried before and slowly gain the skill.


Do you remember this?  This was Day#22 of my creativity challenge.  This is where I started and now I’m creating beautiful, useable things.

Day # 316 and I’m still enjoying this crazy journey!

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