#322- Vivid Knoll (2)

30″x36″ gouache painting on 140 lb cold press paper.

Wow, this painting didn’t go at all as expected.

I was going for a free spirit, go where the wind takes you painting experience and instead I got the total opposite! I should have known better.  You can’t  plan  spontaneity!

If you look at yesterday’s post, you can see how I back pedaled on half the painting.

#322- Vivid Knoll (4)

Eventually I worked it out.

#322- Vivid Knoll (3)

I got to make some more tree stamps today.  I’m debating on adding one more tree to the bottom right.  I most likely will.  I’ll see if I still think so in the morning and then I’ll post my changes.

You know, I haven’t really worked with gouache in months.  In fact, before this creativity challenge, I had never worked with gouache at all.  I feel like this week the medium finally clicked.  I get its plusses and minuses now. Months ago I tried very hard to create a smooth surface with gouache. Now I see textured brushstrokes are what make these paints so appealing.  I also didn’t realize you could paint over areas nor did I know you could reactivate the paint with water similar to watercolors.  I’m slowly learning through experience.  I have to say, mostly what I adore is this medium’s vibrancy.  I’ve never experienced colors so clean, crisp and vivid.

Now that I’m getting the hang of gouache, I’d like to try again. To try to create more works.  Hey, they can only get better from this point I think right?

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