DAY # 324 – I STINK

#324 - I stink (2)

There is nothing worse than receiving a text from your best friend that says:

“Hey bugger! You forgot my birthday again!!! I can’t stop crying!”

Notice the use of the word again? Right through the heart, I forgot my best friend’s birthday second year in a row.

Now it’s not that I technically forget per say.  On November 1st I think “best friends birthday this month”.  The day before, I knew it was time to get ready to call. I even get an email alert for birthdays for almost everyone I know. Last year I went to call my sister on her birthday.  I didn’t get a response, so I decided to try again later on in the day….Yep. It never happened. I um…forgot.

I stink.  I do. I totally stink.

Time and dates are my complete and total downfall.  I show up to kids birthday parties a week early.  I’ve knocked on doors with casseroles for BBQs a week late. I even had my sons birthdate wrong in my head for the first six months of his life.

So of course I feel bad.  No body wants to be the person who forgets important things. No one.

#324 - I stink (5)

The only remedy I could conjure, was a childhood favorite, oatmeal raisin happy face cookies on a stick.

#324 - I stink (6)

My mother has made these happy face cookies for us kids for our entire lives.  Birthdays, college, even when my best friend got stuck in the hospital with pregnancy complications, these cookies always show up for life’s events.

#324 - I stink (3)

I wrote all sorts of messages on the cookies for my girlfriend.  Words like “Smile I love you”, “Happy Birthday!”, ” Happy Lateness”, “Sorry”, “Your still my favorite” & “BFF’s???”

When you do something stupid, bribery through baking is the only way out, right?

#324 - I stink (1)

I wrapped them up, stuck them in a box, and shipped them out today.

#324 - I stink (4)

I sure hope this works.

With the amount of birthdays and special events I forget, I may have to become a full-time baker!

To all whom I love dearly.  I stink at keeping dates straight.  I may know your birthday is on Friday, but if I am fairly unaware of what day it is on any given day, how do I know when Friday is?  I sort of float through life like a snow flake, drifting wherever the wind takes me.  The calendar is this strange grid with days and numbers which I still seem to incorrectly comprehend.  It’s amazing I’ve made it to day #324 of my creativity challenge.  But even with this, I just know to show up every day.  I only know what # day it is by quickly glancing at the number of the day before it…I am capable of math thank goodness!

So Day #324 goes out to my best friend.  Will you forgive me?  Will you love me with all of my inherent flaws?  I got plenty.  But when it comes down to it, I love you. It’s been 25 years that we’ve known each other.  One day…twenty five years…what is time but a snowflake? …it seems like just yesterday.

Oh shoot. What was yesterday?  Did I forget something?

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