#325 - THE SCAVENGER (4)

I had the most peaceful & glorious day.

#325 - THE SCAVENGER (5) #325 - THE SCAVENGER (3) #325 - THE SCAVENGER (1)

I went to a favorite old hunting ground looking for driftwood.  I plan on making some sculptures in the next few days.#325 - THE SCAVENGER (8)

I spent 4 hours today hunting, scavenging, hauling logs, filling my car with at least 300 pieces of wood, shells and beach debris.

And then I went home and organized it all.

These were my categories( The top photo going clockwise).  Human trash, tree bark, squiggly roots, shimmer shells, stumps, small and medium driftwood, sea glass and an awesome brick I couldn’t pass up.

#325 - THE SCAVENGER (6)

It’s too bad I don’t live in NYC.  This found-object industrial wire sculpture is straight out of MOMA.

#325 - THE SCAVENGER (7)

I title this work of art “Sea Legs”.

#325 - THE SCAVENGER (2)

And this one, “The Serpent of Green Hill”.

#325 - THE SCAVENGER (10)

This one “Nesting”.

#325 - THE SCAVENGER (9)

And this one “Peak-a-boo”.

I had these beaches all to myself today.  In four hours I only saw one other human being.  A fellow artist I enjoyed speaking to.

Every day I am more certain than ever, just how much I enjoy being a hermit.  I LOVE being alone.  It is the most quiet and focused part of my day.

Of course it’s great to have friends and family to reunite with at the end of my day, but I’ve really learned a lot about myself this year.  I don’t want to work in an office, classroom or storefront.  I want to work alone.  I love it.

My husband is going to be just thrilled with what I’ve done with the patio.  There’s about a 20 foot long pile of beach debris for him to navigate through.  I’ll have to keep the neighbors dogs away too!

OK.  I’ve collected my materials, now let’s see what I can create with them… stay tuned.


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