This is the last of my driftwood sculptures.

#326- Beginning to take form (3)

When I found this piece of wood on the beach, I couldn’t help but see a cranky old man.

You know, the man who barely says hello when you greet him and he always begins his conversation by telling you what you’re doing wrong. Have you met him?

Oh and then put Mr. Grumps around children and you get to see the type of face on my sculpture.

My mom lives near a grumpy pants.  He always comes out to yell at us.  He yelled at us for giving the kids sparklers on 4th of July.  Sometimes we park in a place that displeases him.  Another time he said it was only ok for my mom to bring 3 out of her 4 grandkids to the pool because she’s only allowed 4 guests.  The best one was this weekend.  My mom lives in a condominium that might as well double as a nature refuge.  It’s beautiful.  All the units are on a lake.  Instead of watching TV, I went outside with the kids to check out the frozen lake.  The lake had about a half-inch of ice on top.  The kids threw rocks and sticks to watch them glide over the surface.  Then they made a hole and watched the air bubbles float under the ice.  I’d call it scientific children’s play.  They were testing every possibility they could come up with to see what they could do with this giant body of ice.

Of course Mr. Grumpy Pants saw us from his window.  Could he mind his own business?  Could he maybe take a deep breath and refrain from coming outside to say something? Nope.  He couldn’t contain himself.

Mr. Grumpy Pants just couldn’t leave us be.  He had to say something.

The door slid open and we heard a man yelling from up above. “Hey, hey you.  I have two things to tell you.  One you are standing in an area prone to poison ivy and two that area is slippery and wet.”   really?  You couldn’t come up with something better to yell at us for? How many people do you know catching poison ivy in New York in December?  and you are telling me that ice is wet and slippery? really?  I shot him a big wave and a smile. Then I hollered back “OK. Thank you!” That sort of stopped him in his tracks.  Maybe he thought I found him helpful?  Yeah, helpful ;)

The world unfortunately has its share of grumpsters.  I told my mom to have compassion for the guy.  Maybe he had domineering parents when growing up, maybe he suffers from a mental illness or still yet maybe, quite frankly, he’s just a cranky old man.  When you look at these people as wacky cartoon characters, it becomes easier not to engage or take it personally.

The moral of my long-winded story is – be kind. Don’t be a Mr. Grumpy Pants.

 However, if you should happen to cross paths with Mr. Grumpy Pants and he starts in on whatever he could come up with for the day, just smile and count your blessings.  Sometimes we have to experience misery in order to recognize kindness when we see it.

I’m thinking of sending my mom the sculpture Mr. Grumpy Pants.  This way when she has a tough encounter, she can go back inside and stick a tack in him.  This will work great…until we run out of room!

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  1. I love your wooden sculptures. If I saw them at a craft show I would buy one. They’re so unique and fun to look at. Have you decided what to do with your collection?

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