Today the Walsh Clan was positively elfie.

#341- WE GOT CARDED (9) #341- WE GOT CARDED (10)

We got up bright and early and started working on our Christmas cards.

At 9am we enjoyed some breakfast and then all gathered in the living room to watch our all time favorite Christmas movie, “The Muppet Christmas Carol.”  It just wouldn’t be the holiday without it.  We sang our hearts out, laughed a lot and finished decorating our Christmas tree.  By the time we were done, there wasn’t a square inch of tree exposed.  We covered every inch!

#341- WE GOT CARDED (2)

My daughter had two different show times today for “The Dickens’ Christmas Carol” play that she is performing in – 2 and 8pm. This left us juggling most of the afternoon and evening.

Let’s just say 10pm was when I finally got to return to our “creative venture” of the day.

I’m pretty sure I just glued and trimmed over 50 Christmas cards. I’m pooped!

#341- WE GOT CARDED (4)

Earlier today I bought a 50 pack of recycled cardstock and envelopes, 5×7″.

#341- WE GOT CARDED (3) #341- WE GOT CARDED (1) #341- WE GOT CARDED (6) #341- WE GOT CARDED (7) #341- WE GOT CARDED (5) #341- WE GOT CARDED (8)

My daughter’s cards are the red ones.  They win the prize for most fun, most colorful and most graphic punch.  I should have taken a lesson out of her book!

My son’s cards are the soft blue and copper cards.  They have a mystical tranquil feeling.  Sort of like the strange barometric pressure we encounter right before it snows.

My cards are a hodge-podge of styles.  I decorated the cards here and there throughout the day.  I wish I hadn’t felt so rushed.

All said, there are some sweet cards among the pile.  I love reinforcing the notion of handmade gifts with my kids.  In a world filled with mass-production and low quality, it is great to emphasize one-of-a-kind and from the heart. I think all of us can appreciate the time and thought that go into receiving something made by hand. It’s teaching my kids to care.


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