I am still finding personal challenges every day.

This one is going to sound silly, but it’s a challenge none the less.

Today, day #343 of my art and creativity challenge, is the first time I’ve ever painted vertically.


My mother bought me this beautiful easel from an estate sale almost a year ago and it has sat in my garage.  I think I was intimidated by it.  It looked so “serious” and so “academic”.  I generally work horizontally on a table or floor.  I do have to say it is difficult to step back and gain perspective when working horizontally. Today seemed just as good as any to try something new.


Of course I loved it! With the exception of a few drips of paint, my hands and arms were never in my way.  I could step back and I did.  It was awesome.


I’m painting a 12″x16″ acrylic painting of a little nook in my living room.  I mapped out the paint in a bright assortment of colors, but as I add layers I am darkening and coming back down to earth.  All the fabrics in the room have patterns.  This will be the fun part. I may even add my cat Willow.  We’ll see whether I think the painting needs it or can stand on its own without it.


Now that I am using these new paints on something worthy of their price, let me tell you about this new product Andrea at South County Art Supply introduced me to.  They are called Golden Fluid Acrylics.  Now these are the criteria that made this a great fit for me:  1- I can quickly open and shut the caps without it taking me away from painting 2- The size is nice and big so I don’t run out in two days 3- These fluid acrylics are the perfect consistency for a painter.  As painters we spend quite a bit of time watering down the paint to the perfect consistency.  They have mastered it. They are Ready, Set , Paint. Lastly, I was able to buy them in the standard palette colors allowing me maximum color mixing.

I am going to go back in and buy the black and white tomorrow.  When I do this I will have only seven bottles of paint which can stand up on their own.  I have a clementine crate that I pop them in with brushes, water cups and a mixing tray and I am ready to rock and roll.  I love them.  Thank you South County Art Supply.  Another great product!

I’m glad I got out of my comfort zone in yet another way today. The easel was such a silly unfounded fear.  Gosh knows where I created that one…high school College?

Well it’s gone now.  I hope I can dig up a few more fears before my challenge is up.  Showing up each day has given me such tremendous courage and at the same time each day has had so many lessons to be learned.

I guess it’s what you call going along for the ride and very definitely enjoying the journey!

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