DAY #344 – DO-OVER

#344- Do-Over (1)

I tried so very hard today.


These were my last attempts at mugs in pottery class.  They actually look and feel great, the only problem is that all three of these mugs were glazing failures.  The tops of these mugs were supposed to be bright pinks, blues and Chartreuse green.  One of the glazes I used backfired and turned them all brown.  As an artist or maybe just as a perfectionist, this will haunt me until I get it right.  I called today’s post DO-OVER because I am still in pursuit of the perfect mug. Perfect to me that is!

I spent two hours today glazing four mugs.  That is ridiculous, but I really spent some time thinking about color combinations and chemical reactions.  Each of my new mugs will have a matte finish glaze on the bottom and the tops will have all sorts of color combinations.  The first mug will have matte amethyst, red, pink and purple.  The second mug will have fern mist green mixed with colonial white, the third mug will have cobalt blue with whites, pinks and purples.  The fourth mug will have periwinkle, cobalt and golden yellow.

To reiterate, all the glazes I picked today should not have any browns in them.  In my head I see them as sort of bright and colorful.  It’s so hard to wait for the results.  They never turn out like I imagine.  I’m crossing my fingers though!

#344- Do-Over (4)

I got three more soap dishes back today.  They are going to be teacher’s gifts.

#344- Do-Over (2)IMG_8178

I brightened up this mug by adding blue & yellow glazes and re-firing it.  My teacher doesn’t recommend doing it, but luckily it worked out.  It actually looks better in real life than in the photo.

#344- Do-Over (3)

I stayed late today to start on some bowls for next week.  I am going to attempt something similar to the mugs in style.  I threw the bottoms of the bowls on the wheel and next week I am going to hand-build higher walls with slabs of clay and then embellish them of course!

So this wasn’t the best show n’ tell week, but hopefully next week I shall have some beautiful mugs to show!

Until then, Sayonara!
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  1. Did the teacher make sure they were not fired next to a dark brown glaze that let off a lot of gases? Sometimes that can change a glaze. I have the hardest time with reds, if I put them too close to the wrong thing they will turn icky. Did the oil spot ones turn out well? I was surprised you chose oil spot as a glaze with your color choices.

    1. I am sure at this time of year there wasn’t much consideration. They are trying to push through as much as they can. I didn’t realize the other glazes could effect my work. I’m in trouble, it seems I’m the only one in the studio that doesn’t like browns! I chose the oil spot because I thought it would be a nice contrast to bright glazes…this time around I went with matte colors like fern mist, amethyst and walnut spice… If this batch fails me I swear, everything from here on in will be black and white! Thanks for your input!

  2. I think the original versions were quite attractive (as well as the new ones). I find that in my own work, something I think is ugly or disappointing is maybe really nice, it’s just that I didn’t meet my expectations. Someone else has to point out the good work I may have (inadvertantly) done – guess they see it more objectively? different point of view? I always like your work.

    1. You nailed it right on the head! Perfectly nice, just didn’t meet my expectations and as I mentioned, they hold coffee so in that sense – they are perfect! I really, really hope I like the colors on these new ones. it would be great to surpass my expectations one of these days!

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