What was I thinking taking on such an ambitious subject matter?

I am attempting to paint vintage glass Christmas ornaments, incredibly sparkly ones at that.


First I attempted to paint in all of the painted patterns on the ornaments. I thought they’d be brighter if I painted them in the first layer as opposed to over three layers of darker colors.  Not sure this was the greatest approach.  It broke up the flow of paint on all of the ornaments. My aqua blue water-color paint is a bit grainy as well.  It sticks in some places and not others making it difficult to create the illusion of transparency or reflection.

So I am going very slow.  This painting is going to take quite a few layers of watercolor to produce depth and light. I knew I should have just painted a snowman.  You know, a white snowman in a blizzard (aka. a blank sheet of paper!) .  I should have painted two coal eyes and a carrot nose and called it a day!

I have another project I wanted to do for tomorrow too. Wish me luck on getting both done with the kids home and hopefully some sled riding in our future! Tomorrow is gingerbread man baking day as well. Plus we wanted to go see the movie Frozen. Maybe I should just stay up tonight and push on through to morning.

The snow is coming down outside. Everyone is asleep.  It’s quiet.  Now it’s really beginning to feel like winter.

How does it go?  “Had just settled down for a long winter’s nap…”

Nap. Hmm. I can’t think of anything better!

Goodnight to All.



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