IMG_9014 IMG_9007 IMG_8975 #348-MAKE IT TWINKLE (1) #347- SIGNS OF CHRISTMAS PAST (7)

Wow, I never thought such a little painting (11×14″) could be such a challenge.  The next time I have the great idea to grab ten highly reflective things and attempt to paint them, someone stop me!

I truly thought I’d be able to finish this watercolor in two hours and then start something else.  Five hours later, I just put down the paint brush.

The inside of the large ball proved to be the greatest challenge.  It’s an example of a reflection within a reflection. It’s also an example of a total nerd because I loved every moment of it! I love trying to figure those little areas out.  I bet if I tried this painting all over again I could totally nail it.  Too bad my attention span isn’t long enough.  Of course I want to move on to something else…that’s just the way my energy flows!

I  have pottery tomorrow.  I am biting my nails wondering if my glazing experiments have worked out.  I’m so nervous!

So pottery play tomorrow and then I will figure out something new to begin on Wednesday… Hmm. time is ticking, what shall I do in my final days???

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