I remember the first time I met Margot.  She was about two years old.  She walked into a bustling library story hour wearing this giant purple fur coat.

At age two she was rocking a giant purple fur, striped tights, some sort of crazy boots, an extra sweater, a feather in her hair, mardi-gras beads, you name it.  I simply found this kid fascinating.  Of course she had me at striped tights and purple fur, but as I have watched her grow over the years I’ve also enjoyed watching her style evolve.

Now I probably cannot go any further without mentioning her bigger sister.  She is queen of cool.  I’d imagine like many second-borns, Margot must struggle to fill her sister’s shoes. But I don’t think she does, she is very distinct and very unique. What separates the two is Margot is a little more quiet.  As I watch her I’m always wondering what she’s thinking. What I do know, is that Margot beats to her own drum and I SO DIG THAT!

Today’s collage made with tons of tiny cut up painted acrylic papers is a celebration of kid style.  Kids are so free. So funky.  I find them way more entertaining than TV!

I love that just like snowflakes, each one of our kids is so very different, one of a kind, unique.


#352- KIDS (1) #352- KIDS (8) IMG_9139 IMG_9149c

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Why does my cat sit on every piece of my art?  Why?  Is it her stamp of approval?

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