It was nice. I finally found a little time to relax this weekend. In Fact, I even took a nap!  It felt good to decompress. Somehow holidays have a way of getting me all wound up. As I worked on the figure above, I realized the mouth area had this menacing dark patch of paint surrounding it.  What better setting to create a venue for letting off steam!

I am continuing on with my little 7×11″ inch watercolors of faces. No one specific, they are more like color study abstracts that I paint faces on towards the end.


My husband snapped me in my Santa sweat shop. He said it’s a reminder of what they see every day.  It’s true, my journey has been through my own lens, not from those around me. There have been quite a few days where I end the day in the same P J’s I began the day in.  I have never seen myself as messy and disorganized as this year.  This I shall not miss and thanks for not documenting one of those days husband!

For the second half of my 365 challenge my art got larger and larger sometimes almost 5 feet in size. Reverting back to small works puts wind back in my sails, a spring back into my step, it seems to be the perfect remedy.


These little paintings are making me smile.

I’ve got a little one sick with a fever.  Not sure what tomorrow will bring.  I better rest up.

See you tomorrow!

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