#358- (1)

I have to say, I really didn’t like either of yesterday’s faces.  They were weird and although I am actually trying to go for weird they weren’t cool weird they were recycle bin weird.

Following yesterday’s disappointment, I thought it a good idea to scrap the spontaneous painting and go with a little more structure.

#358- (2)

With all the previous heads, I’ve simply added paint to the paper, swirled it around and began to look for the faces in the paint swirls.  For today’s paintings, I paid closer attention to the negative & positive spaces.  I knew I wanted them colorful, but I tried to show a little restraint and use some neutrals for the faces and the color for everything else.

#358- (3)#358- (4)

I’m a lot happier with the outcome.  They are quirky, strange little 7×11″ watercolors. I think they’d make a fun hallway.  I want you to look at them and wonder things.

Now that I’m back on the right track, these are my favorite from this series thus far:

#355 - COLOR STUDIES (1) #358- (3) #358- (4)


OK. It’s Christmas Eve and I can’t check out without mentioning this special day.

I think I like Christmas Eve way better than Christmas Day.  The day is filled with giddiness and excitement. The kids hung their stockings, they sprinkled reindeer food all over the front yard, we made cookies for Santa and finished off the night snuggling on the couch watching The Christmas Story.  It was quiet, calm and just the 4 of us.  It was a gift.

#358- (6)

I thought this was cute.  My daughter left Santa a note: “Dear Santa, whose cookies are better mine or my mom’s?”

I’ll have to tell you tomorrow which Santa preferred… :)

To all of you a Merry Christmas.

Whatever your religious disposition, gather and hold your families tightly.  When we push aside all of the crazy capitalism, thinking of others and creating memories can be a beautiful thing.


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