I write to you from the highway, The New Jersey Turnpike to be exact.  My husband hooked up this little gadget that gives me internet access in our car, but it’s a bit sketchy at best.  This is why I will try not to over-write and I shall make this quick.

We are on the road.  We just went to the end of the turnpike to visit my husband’s grandmother and now we have changed course and our driving to Hackensack to visit his cousin and aunt.

The image above is a special drawing I have been working on for tomorrow. Tomorrow we will travel to Queens, NY to visit one of my college roommates.  Heather just had a baby girl named Lucy.  I actually began my 365 at their place one year ago.  I went out with them for New Year’s Eve and posted from their living room the next morning. It seems fitting I shall see her in my last few days of my creative 365.  In the course of this year baby Lucy was born.  Heather told me I couldn’t meet the baby unless I created her a piece of art! Thanks Heather, no pressure!

Now Lucy’s room has a Sesame Street theme from what I hear, but if I am going to put time into this endeavor, I want it to last a little longer than toddlerhood.

I decided to create a “Look and Find” poster for Lucy’s room.  It has around 16 Baby Lucys to find as well as a multitude of New York City famous landmarks.  I was hoping as she goes to sleep at night she will ask all sorts of questions about the images and mom and dad will have plenty of stories to tell her about their travels and experiences.


Of course this one has taken me quite a bit of time which is something I haven’t had any of this holiday season!  I just want my college roommate to know I spent quite a few hours past midnight slipping time in here and there.

I sketched it in pencil, this morning I converted it to ink and by tomorrow I plan on having it fully water-colored for our visit.

I sure hope it turns out well.

Huh, I sort of feel like one of those fairy godmothers from Sleeping Beauty.  You know, the ones that come bearing gifts.

Really Heather, I couldn’t just stop at Baby Gap?  Just kidding.  I would take making a handmade gift over a store-bought gift any day!

So that’s it for now. I’ll probably be painting it around midnight when we get back to my moms tonight.

But regardless, I look forward to meeting this little angel!

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