DAY # 365 – enVISIONing the New Year

#365 - enVISIONing the New Year (1)

Wahoo!!!! The Final post of my 365!!! Who’d a thunk it?

I couldn’t fathom sitting at my table painting alone on my last day.  That just didn’t seem like a fitting ending.

#365 - enVISIONing the New Year (5) #365 - enVISIONing the New Year (6)

So I invited a couple of friends to join me!

A new year requires new energy, a new perspective, maybe some new strategies?  It made me think of vision boards. Everyone can use a little re-focus for the new year!

#365 - enVISIONing the New Year (4)

I apologize for the horrible copy, but a wonderful woman came up with this grid for creating vision boards.  Her name is Erin Goodman and if you have a moment, check out her website.

Anyway, creating a vision board is a great way to reflect on your current circumstances and prioritize for the upcoming year.  What would you like to experience more of? What do you want to welcome into your life?  What is ready to leave?  What no longer works?  Magazines are a great way to find images and words that reflect your desired state of being.  After you create your board you put it in a private place and continue to reinforce the messages you would like to welcome in the new year.  I’ve always found many truths in the boards I create. I am thankful I carved out some time to create one today.#365 - enVISIONing the New Year (3)

It was great to share some good laughs on all the “shoulds” in our lives.  You know, the dictations of perfection created by society. The diet I’m supposed to be on, the great job that will make your family happy, the soul mate to complete your family photo.  When you get away from all of that, what do you really want?  Usually it’s fairly simple – peace, happiness and health. 

I know I have a lot of examining I need to do.  I have absolutely no idea what direction to go in next.  The beginning of this year will be dedicated to figuring that one out.

#365 - enVISIONing the New Year (2)

My super creative friend made this beautiful little hanging for me.  It has some amazingly awesome quotes on it and all my friends signed it.  I will post this where I wake every day and I’m sure some of its wonderful wisdom will sink in.

I have so much to think about. So much to take in. So much to analyze.

I simply want to thank all of you that came along on this journey with me.

I really feel that by putting myself out there and by sharing my strengths and weaknesses, I connected to other people, to humanity.  I’ve met so many people along the way and this is the part of the experience I shall cherish.

Thank YOU, the people. For “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”  If I stay a hermit and do not share my creativity with others, do I honor my purpose in life?  You guys were my awareness.  You kept me from slipping, from being to hard on myself and you challenged me to try harder and to try new things.

I truly feel blessed. Thank you.

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  1. I’m proud of you. This is awesome. That poster is a great symbol of the love that surrounds you. Happy New Year. Can’t wait to see what’s next. Toni

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