Final Postcard

POSTCARD date announcement

Greetings Blogosphere, I’m making tons of progress!



My dear mother, who also happens to be a picture framer and art gallery owner, sat with me for hours as we went through my entire year’s worth of art.

We created piles.  One pile was considered the CREAM OF THE CROP. We considered these pieces print-worthy and definitely worth framing.  The next pile was considered “VERY GOOD” and also worth picture framing. The third pile was considered “MEDIUM GRADE”.  These pieces I am going to frame myself which means they are sure to be super quirky and very colorful!  The final pile was considered “bin art”. This means we couldn’t exactly foresee who might want these works in particular (they are a little weird or simply color studies or experiments), but if jewelry design has taught me anything, that which I deem “not a hit” seems to be a hit to someone out there! Those will be priced and stored in bins at my opening.

  So, my 365 show should have something for everyone – all economic brackets and from serious pieces to the absolutely absurd!

Currently I am securing a Rhode Island exhibit date and location.  I should have that in the next few weeks.

I am trying to find an affordable company to make notecards of some of my birds and botanicals. Does anyone know of a printing company they would like to refer? I want to keep the price compatible with greeting cards.

and other than that, I will be FRAME, FRAME, FRAMING!

I have also been jewelry designing and soul searching.  I will blog about my new pieces from the pottery studio as well as share some books that have really opened my mind to my place in the universe (I’m always over-analyzing myself!)

So put it on your calendars, MAY 4th 2-5 pm. This will be my first 365 Art show opening, RI date to follow.  I will be working towards opening an ETSY store for jewelry, prints and pottery (baby steps!) and I look forward to clearing my desk so I can get back to art making.

I have really missed blogging and hope to get into a new rhythm. Thank you all for your support, I just can’t wait to CELEBRATE!


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  1. I have missed seeing your daily entries! (when I’m supposed to be working) This exhibition is wonderful and overdue!

    Love, pml

  2. I’ve missed your posts. I would always read yours first. What an amazing collection of work. When I see the actual sizes of some of your pieces I’m even more impressed. I had no idea that some of them were that large. I wish that I lived closer so that I could come to your opening. Congratulations on your successful year and wishing you continued success with your shows and Etsy store. Carol

  3. I really don’t know how you do it. I have missed your daily postings and beautiful art of all kinds. You are simply amazing and would love to make your showing if it is at all possible for me. NY might be a stretch but I will be sure to make your RI showing. No matter what, you will be very successful in anything you choose to do with your life. Don’t ever under estimate yourself. Chris

    1. Your comments refill my soul! I do have those days where I question and underestimate, but I’m growing stronger everyday. I’ve come to accpet that no matter what, I have to create. The angst that soon follows is create what? Create PERIOD. That’s what I’m coming to accept. Who cares what, just keep doing it! You too Miss Photographer! I have learned so much about other people this year too. Like you!

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