_march14 (6)

I have some fabulous old frames to share, but before I do, check out my back yard…

_march14 (1)

Do you see the strange looking weather vanes?  Imagine my amazement when the weather vanes began to move! I’d say they had at least a 6 foot wing span.

_march14 (2)

At first I thought they were hawks, but upon closer inspection I figured out they were wild turkeys!

_march14 (3)

I wonder what the turkeys were thinking, or the people who live in this house, as I was traipsing through the yard in my pajamas last Saturday morning!

Nature is too cool.

OK. Back to frames…

This week I focused my attention on a wonderful collection of vintage frames I inherited.  My guess is that they range from the 1950’s to 60’s.  My mother sets aside the really cool frames that come into her frame shop.  As people update their homes, they generally do not want any evidence of their crazy retro days (think avocado refrigerator!) But of course there are those of us who simply love the quality, craftmanship and retro-coolness of these objects of yester year.

_march14 (6)

This frame is SO WILD!  It has a hand carved eye motif and green painted panel.  It looks Hawaiian to me. I have kept this frame for years, thinking it was way too cool to part with, but my bird woman looks absolutely perfect in it. Here is a link to the day this painting was created:  DAY #9 – The Bird Feeder  I don’t even dare to read the posts myself, it’s like rereading my own diary!

_march14 (5)

Next is a little painting I watercolored right on the beach in Block Island .  This is a first, I can’t pull up the day, but I do have many people who sat and watched me paint it that could tell you I did! The old frame looks like it’s right out of a Block Island cottage.  I liked this about it.  I gave the frame a wash of Payne’s Grey paint to give it an extra beachy look.

_march14 (7)

This is another one of those old 1950’s frames.  It is solid and has light gold with tarnish that you just can’t duplicate.  It screams “olden days”.   This painting was titled DAY #147- SWEET & SIMPLE Watson Farm, Jamestown RI.  It is of the cow pasture there.  I went with my son on a field trip that week and looking at the painting now, I can smell the fresh air of that farm by the sea.  I can’t wait to get back out there this spring!

_march14 (4)

My final frame is quite old too.  In fact, it’s missing moulding in places, but I think it gives it even more of that old barn distressed look that so many of us crave.  This was titled DAY #339 – ROSES AND ROSEMARY  This watercolor was getting towards the end of my challenge.  Around a month left.  There are also some cool photos of the progression of the painting.

I have been making some headway in pottery class as well.   Tomorrow I am going in to glaze a bunch of pieces. Let’s see if I can remember my camera.  I’m getting rusty without a challenge nudging me along!

Enjoy your weekend everybody and I’ll check back in, in a few!



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