Letting the Cat out of the Bag!

_a2014-03-27 11.52.00

I’m taking my “CAT IN A BAG” and heading on out to my student pottery show tomorrow night.  You know, it’s a place for us nerd artists to share in our learning process; sort of a show n’ tell of sorts.  It’s great to see the many levels of potters at this studio and what creative processes they come up with. For those of you in the area, check it out:  The Studio is Plum Pottery East at The Neighborhood Guild in Peace Dale. The show is from 6-8 Friday night.

_2014-02-27 12.35.15

This cat in a bag takes my pottery work to a whole new category of weird!  The cat is super cute, but really what do you do with  a ceramic cat in a bag?   Well, it is water proof.  So as soon as something pops out of the frozen earth, I’ll have to add some flowers to it!

_a2014-03-27 10.11.19

I’m also taking my merry band of freak ceramic figures to the show.  All of these are potential vases as well.  I guess what I really love about my crazy clay creations is that they are truly unique.  There is no way I’m going to find this collection in any one else’s house! 

I love quirky.

I have a silly confession on this front.

Being a lover of one of a kind things, for years I would buy children’s clay sculptures from the Salvation Army.  A pinch-pot here, a crooked vase there, sometimes even those beloved horse/dog figurines we can’t even figure out what they are.  I’ve always wondered who made them and my second thought has always been what wicked parent chucked them in the donation bin?

Like those who take in stray cats, I fall in love with that which has been hand-crafted.  Whether it is a lump with two eye’s carved or a lop-sided vase, I know what it feels like to learn something new, to try your best, to be proud of yourself, as homely as your creation may be!

_a2014-03-27 13.42 (2)

So to all those well-meaning artisans out there, I salute you.  One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.  And one day, as some poor family member cleans out the messy art studio of my life, they will come upon many an item too, which I am sure will be sent to the donation bin!


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  1. I promise to make your children feel so guilty that they will never throw your unique figurines away and are forced to decorate their pottery barn homes with them. I promise!!

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