_a03march (4)

I just love when I walk into pottery class and there are some of my pieces fresh out of the kiln.  It’s always like Christmas, every time!

_a2014-03-25 13.37.26b_a04 (1)

I made these two crocks by throwing the bottoms on the pottery wheel and hand-building the top rims.  It’s becoming my style to have a little of both techniques in each piece.  I use wooden textile stamps from Pakistan and Afghanistan to embellish the hand-built areas.  I also purchased some bright cone 5 glazes which I am finally having success with.

 _a04 (2)

Believe it or not, I have been taking pottery classes for over a year and I only learned how to make a lid two weeks ago.  You’ll probably find that my next 20 pieces will have lids now until I learn another skill!  I hand-built a Dahlia flower and glued in a glass cabachon to give it a little sparkle.

_a04 (3)

Tweet. Tweet. Another strange piece to add to my collection! I had made this pretty little canister with a lid, but couldn’t figure out what to do with it….hmm stick a giant bird on top? Of course, it makes perfect sense.  My daughter now wants one with a giant platypus on top…stranger things have happened!

_a03march (3)

In this photo there are two bowls and a vase I embellished with embroidery.

_a03march (3)b _a03march (3)c

They have a ton of grooves and patterns.  These were not out of the kiln yet. Hopefully next week I can add glazes to them like grout and fill in all of the grooves.  Right now they simply have a underglaze painted on them.  It will give the finished pieces contrast.

I also got the clay head with the glasses fired this week.  I haven’t been able to make up my mind on what I want for his body, so he’s floating around in the studio for the time being.

That’s all I got for pottery show n’ tell this week.  I’m feeling really good lately, like I’ve mastered Level 1 and can move on to more challenging work.  I’m throwing with larger mounds of clay too.

  I never imagined I would have made my way to ceramics. I’m so glad it found me.  I tell you.  I just love it .  It’s always my favorite day of the week!


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    1. Clare – you got it – MUDDY! I had a tough first six months trying to find good clean color glazes. I finally broke down and bought a bright blue, yellow and orange. My studio calls them “Mary” colors :)

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