Hooray! Time to Get Back to Work!

RI2014 (21)

It feels so good to be getting back to painting again!

Now that my first 365 Art show is behind me, I can try to figure out where I left off 5 months ago!

Currently I am feeling the urge to paint landscapes.  It must be the warm air and everything in bloom. I decided Monday morning, I’d head out to all my favorite Rhode Island locales and photograph some inspiration.

I went down to where the Narrow River empties out into the Atlantic Ocean, I drove down many a private road capturing the views of the Newport Bridge, and I stopped at one of my favorites, Casey Farm. I must have taken at least a hundred shots, quickly jumping in and out of my car every 2 minutes.  As I was cresting the famous Jamestown Bridge, I went to snap a shot. This is when I saw it for the first time…

My camera’s screen was flashing “NO MEMORY CARD”.

Man, all the pretty things I had observed, all the strange roads I had driven down and worst of all, now I would miss all of that morning light!

It reminds me of the Buddhist teaching –don’t get attached; nothing is permanent.

The Buddhist monks spend a week at a time carving delicate mandalas out of colored sand, only to blow them away in the wind;  letting go.  I love that.

So, I laughed it off, drove home and got my memory card.

Now I am going to show you some photos, keep in mind these are not for framing.  These photos have no beautiful sunsets or moody skies.  I the artist will create those.  The photos I chose to take, focus on composition and interesting lines.  Nature creates the most beautiful lines and shadows.

   RI2014 (27)

RI2014 (12)

RI2014 (5)

RI2014 (4)

 Here are some photos with red lines denoting the visual movement I am looking for:

Composition2 Composition3 Composition4 Untitled-1

Well, I got myself out into the fresh air.  I drunk in all that nature, now it’s time to pick some subject matter and dig in!

I can’t wait!


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