Will I Ever Feel Ready?


Well, here it is.

My first real teaching gig.

My pottery teacher is also the art director for our Neighborhood Guild.  As my 365 came to an end, she slowly began to plant the seed that I should get into teaching.

Teach what? I asked.

Anything you’d like was her reply.

I taught art classes all through highschool and college.  I knew I was good at it… but so much time has passed.

I had to admit to her I was scared.

My teacher told me she too was once scared about teaching but you also have an opportunity to make a major contribution to your community.

This is true.

 I LOVE working with kids and I LOVE making art. Could I possibly meld the two?

Well, I have to admit it to the world – I AM STILL SCARED SILLY! 

 But you know, whenever I feel those pangs of fear, I take it as a sign to jump right in –head first.

Ker Plunk.


Teach anything I want…well that doesn’t help! The possibilities are endless. But when I really sat down to think about it, what a gift to be told you can teach anything you want.  I can choose the things I love.  really. That is an amazing gift.

I decided on a sketchbook class for kids.  This may be the first sketchbook for many of them.  My idea is to have a bunch of stations the kids travel through during class.  I want to keep the class fast paced to mimic the children’s high energy and then at the end of the class they can revisit any of the stations or choose some exploration time with my “Up-to-You” bins.  We have an amazing recycling center here in RI where I can supply the kids with countless materials for art-making.

I also want the atmosphere to be fun, casual, and filled with music of the kids choosing. I want them to be able to work on the table, the walls, the floor.  Whichever feels right to them.  I want silliness and seriousness. I think there’s room for both.

Mostly, I want the kids to come out of my class so proud of themselves, excited to share their work with friends and family and very eager to continue to work on their books at home.   I want these kids to have a secret world of their own making. Easily accessible with the simple flick of a page.

I was an art geek as a kid.

I remember having a graph paper sketchbook.  I’d draw and draw and draw.  I’d leave cryptic messages throughout my work telling of favorite bands, crushes, and heart breaks.  Not much was written, this was mostly visual and probably the closest thing I ever had to a diary.  There is something so special about a private place for your thoughts and feelings, I hope they catch the bug.

And that we have fun, fun, fun!


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  1. This looks awesome! I hope my daughter will want to sign up! (My son, too, but he probably has gymnastics practice. ) thanks for offering and sending!

    > >

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