What to get the teacher who has everything?


A hollowed out coconut! …but of course!

Ok. so why the coconuts?

Well, sometimes you have it easy. Let’s say for instance, my son who has two female teachers who love my pottery and love gardening…



IMG_1613I sent them my pottery frogs filled with flowers and had my son write a thank you on some of my bird note cards.

By the time I was done, I wanted to keep them for myself!  Somehow I only have half-dead flowers on my counter that my kids picked me from the yard two weeks ago…bugs and all!…sigh.

Now the problem arises when you have a daughter with two male teachers… as sexist as it is, flowers just didn’t seem fittin’.

The men teachers teach flag football, one is a cyclist and the other a future cop.

Well there’s always the mug of Hershey’s kisses…something tells me they have a few mugs… someone told me a case of beer, which I think would be great, but what message does it send?  There’s always a red apple…hmm, too cliché.

That’s when I thought coconuts!  I saw them at a thrift shop and thought “something tells me my kids teachers may not have pirate coconuts!  I put some gift cards inside and sent them on their way.  My tweenie daughter was mortified!  “Oh my gosh mom, they are so ugly!! You can’t make me bring these in!!!”  I’ve been telling my daughter from a very early age, being our daughter means you’ll be embarrassed for life!  I thought she’d made her peace with it, but apparently I can still get to her! hee hee hee.

So she begrudgingly brought them in for the last day of school and let me tell you, they were a hit!  Her teacher is leaving it in the classroom as a class mascot and all the kids got a good laugh out of it.  My daughter came home smiling.

You see, sometimes you can have a little fun with a token gift of affection… well, except for those times when they go horribly wrong! ;)



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