_june (3)

I’m just finishing up my last pottery class before summer.

My signature has become half hand-built and half wheel thrown creations.  When both elements are present, I get the most unusual pieces.

_june (2)

I am hoping to add these to my Art Show on July 19th.

Like a ding-bat, I didn’t take any photos of the three beautiful hand carved canisters I am finishing up currently, as well.

One has a blue bird motif, the second wild sunflowers, and the third a peacock design.  I also made a little  sugar bowl in red, white and aqua with little chicks on it.  These four are going in the kiln for their final glazing so I will post photos when they come out.

It’s been a bad scene at the pottery studio.  2 of the 3 kilns have been failing for the last two weeks, so progress has been slow.

Well, enough pottery doom and gloom.  It’s almost hydrangea picking season, so I need some flower vases ASAP. I  sure can’t wait to fill these vessels!

Enjoy your afternoon.


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