_june (9)

There are many days where I find it difficult to walk more than 3 feet without standing in awe!

Take for instance this simple old tree that stands outside my kid’s school office.

  One might walk past it ten times in a day, but do they take the time to notice the amazing shadow it casts on the lawn?  It is absolutely breath-taking.

Look around you today.

What everyday aspects can you see in a different light? The shadow your coffee mug casts on your desk in the afternoon, the sensation of the breeze on your face as you open a door, the squint from the sun on a loved ones face or your pet laying in a state of peaceful rest.  Sometimes I even study my own hands in amazement of the skin and muscle and all that I am able to do with them.

 I’ve often heard artists called “flighty”.  But stop and consider this….

…maybe they are simply seeing an entirely different world than you!

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