Block Island sports 0ver 190 acres of clay infested shoreline.

From a distance they look like muddy cliffs, but on closer inspection, you’ll find tons of beautiful grey clay.




Careful not to disturb the preservation of the cliffs, I took the kids clay hunting on the beach.  I gave each kid a gallon Ziploc, showed them what the clay chunks look like, instructed them to remove as much sand from the clay as possible and sent them on their way.  I’d say that kept them busy for at least two hours in itself!



 I am vacationing with seven kids by the way, ages 4 to 11 years old.

When we got home from the beach I showed them how to add tablespoons of water, close the bag up, massage the water into the dry clay, and continue repeating the process until they got a classic clay consistency.  Too much water and you then have to leave the clay out for a day or two to dry out.



The results were amazing!  The clay was perfect.  No stones, no sand, simply pure earthen clay.  The kids were able to create coils, pinch pots, and figurines.

We have been baking them in the sun.

Now all we need is a killer beach bon fire to act as our kiln!

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