Thank you. Plain and Simple. Thank you.


Reporting from the art front, I am pretty sure I can officially declare myself –exhausted!

I am still trying to catch my breath from my amazing art show Saturday. As you can see, I am only now getting all of the photographs loaded and finding that quiet moment to reflect.


That is the word. That is the emotion I am feeling, GRATITUDE.

Now of course there was the tremendous amount of art…


b d h aIMG_1791 aDSC_2334 c

And there was beautiful flowers and food….


But really, what made the show beautiful, WERE THE PEOPLE!

g e faIMG_1865

My gorgeous girlfriend Elisa Lucia, staged props throughout the entire venue from her home-staging business.  Pretty vignettes that look like the very things I love to paint, were interspersed throughout my work.

My Aunt & Uncle and cousins came to support me even thought they already showed their support at my New York show!

I had other cousins with newborn children who set the date and came to see my show. Even though that had to be quite difficult for them and quite a distance to travel.

Then there’s my local friends and family here in RI, that POWER BLASTED Facebook for me.  They invited their friends to come and join and spread the word in the most creative ways. I am so very lucky to have these people in my life.

My biggest thank you goes to my mother.  Her energy and boundless creativity put me to shame!  My mom framed, hung both shows and promoted her heart out with not one single complaint.  Hours and hours of work went into these art shows and she was with me every step of the way. To nurture me and also to push me out of the nest.  There are no words to describe how lucky I am to have her.

I had over a hundred people come visit Saturday.  Each person followed me through the entire journey, they watched day after day, night after night, cheering me on and letting me know that they were there.

What one might consider a lonely experience was actually anything but…

I know it sounds crazy, maybe even a bit cliché, but truly, what will I take from this entire 365 experience?

The people, the gathering, the community, the positivity, the nurturing, the enthusiasm, the support.

For if a tree falls in the forest, and there is no one to hear it, does it make a sound?

I can create and create and create, but if I have no one to share it with…

There’d simply be no joy.



  1. Stunning Photos of your art show! Sorry I had to miss it. It looks like it was absolutely BEAUTIFUL, with all the floral details and compositions of all the art. Extraordinary!! thanks for sharing!

  2. Mary, I am so thrilled for you and proud of you. You are an inspiration. I wish I could have been at your art show but I’m so far away in Minnesota. Still I have enjoyed following you and enjoying all your wonderful creativity. I can’t even begin to express how much your blogs & art work have meant to me. You have opened my eyes and taught me to see so much beauty that surrounds me. Wow! You are amazing. I’ve always thought your mom to be amazing too. I can see how she has nurtured you and inspired you. You are one talented artist. I can only imagine how much you are inspiring your own children. I can’t wait to see your next projects. Thanks for sharing. Good luck and best wishes as you continue your work. Sue Georgiev

  3. Clare, you get the award for driving the furthest and not being an actual relative <<<———— meaning you have been one of my first real fans who has zero obligation to me! I can't tell you how special that makes me feel. You aren't there because you love or pitty me, my work stands on it's own! Thank you for that. It gives me hope that I may figure out what to do with my talents in the future and some one might be out there wanting to enjoy them! xoxo

  4. I agree with the comment that says you are an inspiration…you are. Your beautiful works of art remind me of my favorite place on the earth…thus far at least…Jamaica. The colors fill me with the joy and the subject matter you choose is perfect. I also think you looked so beautiful. Very happy for you Mary!

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