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OK. I don’t want any messages telling me you like the green better!

_aaa (1)There is no way a true color enthusiast could own a drab green house….there’s just too many other wonderful colors to choose from!

_aaa (2)

I picked yellow because although the house is quite large with an addition off the back, from the outside, my house looks tiny.  To me it looks like a cottage.  I always loved yellow cottages when I was a kid. I thought happy people must live there.  It’s always sunny at their house!

_aaa (5)b

My childhood home was white with black shutters.

My first home we ever purchased was white with black shutters.

I was pretty sure there was no way I’d ever live in a house that wasn’t white with black shutters!

I’ve lived in this house for three years.  The house was drab green and it always felt like it still belonged to the family that lived here before me.

_aaa (4)

Now that the house is a radiant yellow.  It feels like it is my house. Mary’s house.  Crazy bright Mary’s house.

I am going to make a sign and give the house a name.

I am going to call it “Sunnyside Cottage“.

My happy place.


  1. Magnifique! Did you do the painting yourselves? It is your perfect sunny cottage…..SO much personality! Now you’ve done it…….we’re all coming over!


    1. Are you a Pinterest fan? There are so many beautiful combinations. I started my search on Pinterest. If I didn’t go with yellow which is the color of the house I always wanted as a kid, I would have gone with Navy/chartreuse door or dark slate gray/orange door… You can find my “Pretty Home” board on Pinterest under “Mary Ercoli Walsh”. Good luck. Go bright!! ;)

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