YAY! I have new pieces to share!

_june (3)

Over a month ago I posted a photo of these pieces in raw form.  Each of them had one hand-built component and one wheel thrown component. I like to marry the two in order to create one-of-a-kind pieces.

Now I can unveil them glazed and with flowers from my gardens!

a2014-08-14 08.52.09

a2014-08-14 09.27.30

a2014-08-14 09.21.11

Most of us pottery folk are always holding our breath when it comes to applying glazes.  You have a vision of what you expect a piece to look like finished, but seldom do they ever live up to your expectations.  I am getting better.  The top two came out exactly how I envisioned.  The bottom piece was supposed to be purple and yellow on the bottom and instead it looks like modeled stone.  Heck, I’ll take it! It looks like it’s from an old ruin.

Here are my vessels filled with natures bounty:

a2014-08-14 09.15.18

a2014-08-14 09.47.15

a2014-08-14 09.54.40

I relish the time spent buzzing around my yard.  Dashing here, snipping there, taking in all the glorious smells.

Then I retreat indoors, carrying all of my finds.  I can easily spend up to an hour arranging .  It is like child’s play.  The color, shapes, angles, and placement of each piece put me into a zen state.

Then out comes the camera.  Another hour could easily be spent honing in on the tiniest area, observing the light and scientifically inspecting each and every petal.

Of course this makes me want to paint which has been hard because I’ve been teaching art & pottery classes for the past three weeks.

So, I retreat back, stay in the moment and enjoy the warmth and beauty of the outdoors.  Autumn will be here before you know it.   Then is when I will get back to painting and like a squirrel that has hidden nuts, I will pull out my treasure trove of summer photos, find inspiration and relive all of summer’s beauty once more.


aIMG_1730Oh, here are two other vessels I brought to my last art show.  Luckily I photographed them an hour before the show, because they sold!  I wouldn’t have had any record of ever making them!

I shall definitely need to create more canisters this autumn when my pottery class begins again.  They were a hit and I definitely want some for myself!


Well, that’s all I got for today.

 I hope you are all enjoying your summer and staying creative.

There’s so much inspiration out there!


    1. So my pottery guild uses Cone 5-6 Amaco glazes. My pottery teacher likes all the classic earthy colors, but I like a real PUNCH of color. So my instructor buys classic colors like Amaco Potter’s Choice firebrick red and peacock which I use as my outer layer, but underneath I bought pints of the Amaco Teacher’s palette glazes in yellow, medium blue and carrot. The teacher’s palette glazes are thick, predictable and mixable. The yellow and blue actually make a chartruese green. So thick undercoat and thin runny classic glazes on outside make for a cool mix. A lot of time I scrape most of the top layer off and just keep it in the grooves like grout. Does this make sense?

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