Back to School

2014-09-16 14.52.54

My kids were not all that thrilled to go back to school, but I am!

2014-09-16 14.51.52 2014-09-16 14.52.08 2014-09-16 14.51.36

My pottery classes started up again. They are every Tuesday.  It feels awesome.  I’ve been taking pottery classes for two years now and I am finally feeling like I’m getting the ropes!

2014-09-16 14.51.15 2014-09-16 14.53.01

I made 6 vessels.  I centered the clay on the wheel all by myself and I did not have any failures.

2014-09-16 14.52.34

Well sort of… This pot collapsed and I probably should have scrapped it, but I just loved the way it fell.  It’s like stripey-ribbons of clay. It reminded me of a bird bath, so I am going to work with it. I’m not all too fond of perfect anyways.

I’m not sure what I am going to turn the other pieces into yet, but stay tuned.  I definitely won’t leave them the way they are!

2014-09-16 10.45.46a

It feels so great to be back!


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