Emilie Ruecker Wildlfe Refuge

For the next three months (or as long as my attention span can hold out!) I will be exploring landscapes.  I only briefly touched on them during my 365 and there is so much more to learn and explore.

This prompted me to take a hike with Jeanine the head of RI Families in Nature.  We set off yesterday to hike some trails in Tiverton, RI.  I’d never been to that neck of the woods which was plenty enough reason to go!

Thinking of painting compositions all along the trails, this was some of the beauty I took in.  I thought I’d share it:

Ruebeck (27) Ruebeck (36)a Ruebeck (22) Ruebeck (38)a Ruebeck (42)a Ruebeck (48)a

What a gorgeous day.  I received plenty of inspiration. Thank you Universe!

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