Getting Fired Up!


I’m getting closer to some finished pieces at pottery class!


Last week I hand-built these pieces and came up with a solution for the two pots I previously ruined.  Did I throw them in the garbage? Nah, I took them home and created coil pots on top of the destroyed bases. I was able to clean them up fairly well.

Here’s a look:

_IMG_2646 _IMG_2652

They are purposely a little wonky simply because I like how it looks.  Perfect bores me -imperfect gives my vessels some personality.  With that said, I loosely applied the coils until they looked the way I liked them, attached the pieces and today I under-glazed them. After they bisque fire I will be adding an oatmeal white color to their bases.


_IMG_2651 _IMG_2640 _IMG_2638

I added under-glaze paints to these pieces too. I pretty much spent my entire session painting!


Oh wait, that’s not true.  I created this 18″ x 18″ rooster platter today as well.  I had found a small rooster weathervane at a hardware store some time ago and thought “hey I could use this as an impression in my pottery”.  It worked, there wasn’t much detail in the weathervane though, just its shape, so I used pottery tools to create the detail. I wasn’t sure what colors I wanted, so I left it to finish next week.

These pieces should fire this week, so hopefully next week I can glaze and finish them up! Quite the colorful batch I must say!


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