Drawer Pulls


Still waiting for my gouache paint to come… looks like I won’t be painting until Monday at this point!

So while I wait, I decided to knock a couple of projects off my to-do list.

First were some polymer clay drawer pulls.  I can’t believe it, but I looked it up.  I have been designing these knobs since the late 90’s…



I used to create them for a multitude of hand-crafted artisan gift shops.  You know, the stores we all love to visit and indulge in on vacations and during the holidays.  About 10 years ago I stopped creating them.  The #1 reason was motherhood.  These little drawer pulls take an exorbitant amount of time (more than people want to pay for!).  Twelve years ago I had so much free time…so much crafting vigor…ah those were the days…

Never the less, a customer in New York found me.  She brought a drawer pull she bought ten years ago, into my mother’s gallery and asked if I’d make her some more.  Now she has a grandchild who’s room they are excitedly decorating and wouldn’t these be perfect?  …Yeah, they would….  How could I resist?

So yesterday I dusted off my old pasta machine (that’s how polymer clay artists condition their clay), I hand mixed all the colors, and set off creating my floral pulls, petal by petal until I reach their centers.

__1October 049

Here were some drawer pulls I created for an interior decorator.  See how they match the fabric swatches?  It’s pretty cool.  I always thought they’d be my ticket to “crafter fame”…but alas…not so. Their time has not yet come…


Yesterday was like catching up with an old friend.  One you know everything about, inch by inch, spec by spec.  I missed my polymer clay pals.  It had been too long.  It reminded me of just how much time had passed.  It was kind of sad actually.

But, I had no time to wallow, I had 4 kids to pick up from school.  There were soccer try-outs to rush to, dinner to make, laundry to wash…

Yeah. My life has changed quite a bit.  I’d say I’m just as creative as then, maybe even more so.  I am more confident and I clearly know what I want as an artist, but that time factor just eats away at my soul.  I never feel like I have enough time to create the myriad of manifestations rolling around in my head. I am sure the present me will tell the me of ten years from now,” hey, it was just a passing phase”, but never the less I always carry a great deal of frustration about time… It’s my number one metaphysical issue. grrr….

I think the Mary from 12 years ago would say keep going, keep reaching, keep exploring and try to obtain the unobtainable.  It’s what keeps us young at heart. The present me would say the same…and the future holds what the future holds.


Hey former self, thank you for the trip down memory lane and the great words of encouragement. You know, we should do this again sometime…

yeah,   …sometime real soon.



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