I got a few pottery pieces back yesterday. The two vessels in the back were coil pots I created.  Their finishes are not perfect.  I couldn’t sell them or anything, but I do love their hand-made one-of-a-kind uniqueness.  Totally my speed.  They shall become my pen/pencil organizers making for a very fun desk experience.


In other pottery news, I spent my entire session on the pottery wheel.  I dare not say the words out loud,  but it’s Christmas present time.  All of these small vessels are going to be the bases of tea mugs I am going to make for a holiday pottery show.

  #351- CUP OF AWESOME (7)

I throw the bottoms on the wheel and then hand-build the tops out of slabs of clay.  These are definitely my favorite thing I’ve created in pottery thus far.  I use them everyday.



I also started painting my bottle tops.  I’m sort of feeling like they are over-done.  I might make my next batch of birds un-painted but simply dipped in glazes instead.  I guess I have to try both ways before I can figure out which way I like best.  Either way they are going to be a pleasure to have on my fireplace mantel.

I still have quite a bit that hasn’t made it out of the kiln.  This means I shall have more to look forward to next pottery class!

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  1. Those bottle tops have a name. They are not finials, but something. What are they called (besides, bottle tops)?


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