Palatial Platypus Estate

_IMG_3036 (1)

My daughter finally got her platypus bedroom.

Here is a past post about designing the fabric:

_IMG_3036 (2)

So I must admit I am the queen of cheaters!  In the olden days I stitched many a quilt by hand taking many months…but that was way before kids!

I needed to make a platypus quilt for my daughter’s bed and I had about three hours to do it!

_IMG_3036 (3)

I sewed the two lengths of my Spoonflower fabric to  create a giant center panel…and then… and then…I STITCHED IT TO A READY MADE COMFORTER!!!!  Yeah I did! and wow was that so much easier than buying batting and stitching the whole darn thing together!

_IMG_3036 (4) _IMG_3036 (5) _IMG_3036 (8) _IMG_3036 (6)

I did the same thing with the curtains too.  The hand-designed Spoonflower fabric is quite expensive, so I opted to add a platypus panel to pre-made white curtains.  Botta-Bing Botta-Boom four sets of curtains completed in three hours!

_IMG_3036 (7) _IMG_3036 (9)

Plat and Fluffy like their new digs, which makes my daughter happy, which in turn makes me happy.

And thus concludes the very long platypus adventure!

PS. If there are any other “unique” individuals out there with a platypus fetish, I published the platypus fabric designs on Spoonflower :

I’m sure there’s at least one more freak out there right?


  1. Mary, I love your Palatial Platypus Estate. Your daughter must be over the moon. You are not only an extremely talented artist but also a terrific mom. Thanks for sharing. I love following your blog. Keep going girl! Sue Georgiev

  2. Mary, thanks for your wonderful creativity. Your daughter is blessed to have a talented Mom. Keep it coming; so refreshing, invigorating and encouraging.

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