Pottery Ready!

Pottery Show (4)

I’m starting to pack up my pottery goods for a local holiday fair.

Here’s some of my latest finished pieces:

Pottery Show (6)

Pottery Show (7)

Pottery Show (9) Pottery Show (8) Pottery Show (10) Pottery Show (5)

The crosses are ornaments.

Pottery Show (11)

I made key chains too.

So I have quite a bit.

I do have another 30 some-odd pieces of jewelry awaiting completion, but unfortunately they missed the kiln (relatives you’re in luck!)

Pottery Show (3) Pottery Show (2)

These are my two favorite mugs…I’m REALLY thinking of gifting the one on the left to myself.  I LOVE it!

pottery show (12)

I took this photo with a standard diner mug in front to show just how large my mugs are.  I fill them with tea and sit down for an hour without having to continue to go for refills. Plus they keep your hands warm. You can’t beat that :)

Enjoy your weekend everybody.  My kids and I have reserved this weekend to decorate our home from head-to-toe for Christmas.  That will get us into the spirit. I think we need to make some cookies too.  Yum. I hope you all get the chance this weekend to get into the spirit too!




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