Take My Advice – NO ELF ON A SHELF BEFORE DEC 15th!

elf note

I don’t know about the rest of you out there, but for me, the elf on the shelf is a struggle!!!

There is nothing worse than your kids waking up and finding the elf in the same place as the night before.  We tell our kids Charlie our elf must have gotten trapped in a snow storm traveling to the North Pole the night before, but this only works so many times before they are crushed.

The reality is my husband and I can’t manage 25 days of hiding an elf.  Simply put, ten days is pushing it!

I made the mistake of having our elf come to the door packaged from the North Pole each year.  This in itself is getting hard to keep up!

So our elf has gone from coming on Dec.1st to slowly making his way to arriving on December 15th… This means Mom and Dad only have to make it through ten days of hiding and still we struggle!

Sadly, my poor kids keep asking and asking where our elf is when everybody else from school got their elves three weeks ago!

And here I am dropping the ball yet a little bit further…Charlie our elf is coming on Dec 18th… an all time low.

So how do I curb my kids disappointment?  With creative writing of course.  Now my kids get amazing letters with their elf or should I say amazing excuses :)

This year Charlie the elf was in charge of South America.  Next year he might only be responsible for half of the state of Rhode Island which will free him up to come closer to Dec 1st… but then again, next year he may be in charge of China which means he might not make it until December 23rd…

Either way I’m covered :)

You know if you are going to lie to your kids about mystical figures, why does it matter how much you lie?

A lie is a lie.  I still don’t even know why we do this to our kids?  I only know it’s been passed on from generation to generation and there is a small bit of satisfaction in doing to others that which was done to you…

So there it is.  I stink at following up on these crazy traditions.  My kids are lucky if the tooth fairy remembers to drop some bit coin…

So to all of you out there…LIE.  Lie your pants off…change the tradition to fit your schedule and lifestyle.  You’ll thank yourself and the kids won’t ever know what was real to begin with.

But it’s all good….because remember…


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