Block Island Laundry


I am the worst blogger ever!  My last post was from the week before Christmas. Yikes!

I finished this painting before Thanksgiving and never posted its completion.  Somehow with all the holiday prep I threw it in the basement and never thought of it again until today.  This is also the time of year for booking Block Island summer rentals which I am sure helped me to remember.  Oh to be warm…hot even…. To think of a summer breeze…Oh, take me to that place!

2015-01-06 16.05.33

I just started creating ceramic tiles.  I have this awesome idea for what to do with them.  When they are completed, I will share my idea! I can’t wait. I can’t wait… I’m giddy with decorating excitement!

2015-01-13 13.56.44 2015-01-13 13.54.22

I have these strange pottery experiments too.  I’m not totally thrilled with them, but they shall spawn other ideas.  I had a woman contact me from over ten years ago.  She used to love these polymer clay flower boxes I used to create. Here are some old photos of them…

MVC-750F MVC-743F MVC-620F custom7 BX18coseup

Sanding, painting and finishing the wooden boxes was way too labor intensive, so I stopped making them.  However, I’m thinking maybe I can use my old polymer clay concept, but in pottery?  I can’t get that amazing color in pottery glazes. So maybe I continue with polymer clay flower bouquets but attach them to pottery boxes instead of wood… well it’s on my radar…I’m still thinking about this one…


OK. I am one hour away from completing my cardinal fabric design.  I need to stop playing on my computer and get back to work.

I plan on whipping myself back into shape and doing a lot more blogging and art making…so better get going!

Thanks!  M


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