First Day of Teaching – Quite Peachy Actually


I don’t know if I admitted it this past summer, but I didn’t really enjoy the classes I had been teaching.  I felt frazzled prepping for them and bored while there.  This left me a little gun-shy on pulling the trigger for teaching more art classes.


Well let’s just say I’m glad I tried again. I had a blast this time!

The previous sketchbook class I taught was a 3 hour class once a week.  I planned three different projects for each class.  In a nutshell, I was dragging 6 boxes of materials in and up 3 stories and the kids didn’t have the stamina to do art for 3 hours… nor did I!

So, for this class I kept it simple.  Paints, brushes, canvases. And I made the class 1 1/2 hours long.

Just changing the amount of time worked better for my own personal fast paced energy.  Somehow, in the matter of 1 1/2 hours I got kids age 10-14 to add five different layers to these paintings.  Well the hair-dryers helped!  WE CRANKED which left no time for boredom or dilly-dallying and the kids were so astounded at what they’d done they were smiling ear to ear.

Ahhh, so that’s why you do it.  To see those faces.  Yeah, It was pretty cool.


I also got to be a proud mama because I forced my daughter to take the class!  Look at her painting.  She’s only 10 years old!!!! What can I say, I’m her mom and a very proud one at that :)

Can’t wait to see what we do next week!

Thank you Universe :)

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