2015-04-07 13.15.26

Yep, that sums up this week.

Above are two vessels I made whose lids did not fit.  So I am trying again.  The tops have hollow discs so that I might try making some polymer clay flower bouquets like I once used to do on wooden boxes. Here are some examples of the flowers I used to create:

BX18coseup BX20closeup

It will be interesting to mix polymer clay with pottery clay.  I haven’t really seen anyone doing that.

2015-04-07 13.11.19

Ahh, two more vessels whose lids did not fit!  I made two more lids and hopefully they work.  Next week I will have two make two more vessels to fit the extra lids I now have…It’s an ongoing dilemma!

2015-04-07 13.14.54

It wouldn’t be a week without making a few more mugs… I bought these rubber stoppers so that I could create my own travel mug.  The lids work!  So I am making a few more…I really need to move on to dishes and bowls though.  My husband is cutting me off from any more mug cabinet space!

2015-04-07 14.00.04

Did I mention I went into a 2nd grade class to teach about coil & pinch pots?  The kids are studying North Eastern Native American Tribes. They are so excited to get these pots back.  I rubbed them with iron oxide so that they would look “historic” and all of their details would stand out.  I can’t wait to see their faces :)

OK. Off to finish that darn bird painting!

Be Creative People!  Be Creative!


  1. Ah, the lidded item can be so frustrating. When I’m on the wheel, I have to be so careful that I’m using as much water when I throw the lid as I did when I threw the body so that both parts shrink by the same amount during their bisque and glaze firing. It can be a tricky maneuver! Good luck!

    1. Ahh, water…I’m pretty sure I wasn’t paying attention to that even though I threw the first bottom and lid together…I shall pay attention to that. Thanks for the advice!

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