Got Me a New Studio


As of May 1st, I moved my paint into a teeny-tiny 9 ft x 9ft art studio.  Why?

WINDOWSthat’s why!


During my 365 I blogged a lot about this wonderful art store called South County Art Supply. Well, SCAS just moved into this gorgeous 1800’s building and the owner graciously rented me a room in the back.  My first day painting and I was able to walk into the front of the store and get more paint! The space is wall to wall windows.  It’s overcome with light!!! I don’t have to put anything away when I’m done. It’s awesome!

  My old home had a free-standing garage that I converted into an art studio…


I have to admit, it was pretty sweet. My new home has lots of great things, but no studio and no sunlight.

So this is a big move for me.  I have worked out of my home FOREVER.  At least the last 15 years.

I feel a little awkward, nervous, and out of my element…

But also quite excited!

As for art… I’ve been a little secretive on that front too.  It’s because I’m trying something new for the first time and the perfectionist in me doesn’t want to show it until I’ve got it down!


I am working on all of these canvases simultaneously.  None of them are “finished” they all get about ten different layers of paint and technique.

This winter was tough for me.  I felt like I was owned by my paintings instead enjoying the process.  The traditional techniques were taking weeks and weeks to complete one painting…for a Gemini/humming bird…that is a slow death!

I’ve been researching abstract painting.  I have two different artists who have inspired me.  I will share their info and technique after I get further along and have more to tell…


Man I love spring!!!


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