The other day, when I was at the art festival, I handed a woman my business card.  She looked at it, then said “Oh, I just started following your blog and I have no idea how I found you. Did you ever finish those birds?”

I can’t tell you how awesome that feels to find out someone other than my mother actually reads my blog (mom you are still reading it right?).  I’m not alone in cyber space. Woohoo!

Secondly, I have been working on my bird totems. I just fell off the planet when my kids got out of school.  It took a little adjusting from having 60% art time to 5% art time.  It’s all good though because they force me to stop and smell the cotton candy and maybe ride a wave or two…or three!


Another woman in my pottery class thinks these birds should be mounted on large sticks or poles.  I think it’s brilliant.  I picture myself standing there with the Staff of Ra like in Indiana Jones – God help me that’s an absurd thought!  I’m totally doing it!!!

I’m off to Block Island for my annual family vacation next week.  I will be searching for the coolest pieces of driftwood I can find for my bird totems.

I Can’t wait!


  1. How about the tops of nice wooden walking sticks? The large kind where you hold more the stick than the top of it?

  2. I have to confess to pinning some of your creations on Pinterest on my pottery page. I always link your blog and give you full credit. If you’d rather I not please let me know. Perhaps she ran across your blog via Pinterest?

    1. I am a crazy pottery pinner too! There is nothing like collecting inspiration! I have absolutely no problem with that…the only thing is I might want to follow your pottery page too!

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