Let the Jewelry Wild Rumpus Begin!

2015-09-22 12.12.02.jpg

I just started committing to holiday shows. This means jewelry-making for the fall is official!

2015-09-10 14.59.51

I have scoured the old Providence mills for over ten years and own WAAAY TOO MANY jewelry components.  I used to make jewelry for small gift shops along the New England coast as well as The Boston Museum of Fine Arts gift shop.

 Just recently a fellow  jeweler passed away and she wanted to make sure someone would put her materials to good use. I was entrusted with her belongings which was enough to say OK I WILL MAKE JEWELRY ONE MORE TIME!!! 

2015-09-11 11.51.58 HDR

I’m trying very hard not to buy any more supplies, but it’s hard, I have purchased a few more things… just a few!

2015-09-22 13.51.42.jpg

2015-09-22 12.11.49

I figured my autumn pottery session should be devoted to jewelry vessels for my holiday booths as well.  These jewelry trays have a small bowl for rings and earrings.

2015-09-22 12.24.35

However, my pottery instructor says they make her crave sushi!  Hey that can’t be entirely bad. They’ll be multi-purpose!

I have oh so many ideas for both jewelry and vessels… you’ll have to stay tuned to watch the progression.



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