1. They are currently in the glazing process. I feel like this is generally when I screw things up because I do risky experiments that fail. So, I tried very hard to be reserved and conservative and keep the glazes simple. Hopefully it pays off! Thanks for your kind words!

  1. ALL your work is so creative and inspiring. I am in love w the birds! Did you use slab or pinch to create them? Turning 63 and “trying” to tap into my creative side after a LONG break from using that side of my brain. I am humbled by your talents but also inspired to just get to it and see what fires I might be able to relight… Thank you for sharing your work. I will continue to follow you.

    1. I’m so excited for you! Get back in the game … and enjoy playing! The birds were two slab pieces scratched, slipped and pinched together on the sides. After they firmed up a bit, I scratched and slipped bottoms onto them. Now get experimenting and thanks for reaching out to me!

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