Pottery Experiments

potteryx (3)

I’ve been having fun in pottery.  Playing with new shapes and abandoning glazes for the moment to express myself with crazy colors using underglazes.  These are some sugar bowls I’m working on.

potteryx (1)

These are my first attempt at pitchers.  I will make more in the future now that I figured out how to make the spouts.  I’m definitely at the point of creating my own style.  My work generally incorporates a little bit of wheel thrown, a little bit of hand-building, texture and color.  When they all come together, everyone in my studio can pick out my pieces from a mile away.  This feels good.  I like that I have a flavor. I love that I am getting to the point that I can conceive of something and for the most part, I can match my expectations to the finished project.  Plus there’s also that awesome feeling of putting to use something you’ve hand-crafted.  That feels really good.

potteryx (2)

These birds are going to be the tops of wind chimes.  I put holes through them so they can be strung with bells and chimes.  I’m excited about this project because I just love birds and this will allow me another way to add my feathered friends to my home décor.  The birds I’ve made in the past had solid glazes.  These I will underglaze in bright and funky colors… It’s just seems a bit truer to my nature.

_2016-05-17 11.15.23

Finally, I had a request for “lefty” skull mugs.  So I’m finishing these up too. Shame on me for forgetting those lefties!

I’ll keep you posted.  I have more sugar bowls to show too…. busy.. busy!



  1. Gorgeous – all of them!!!! I love seeing the bright colors you choose in your paintings and pottery. I always choose earthy colors. I should venture outside my box one of these days!

    1. I struggle to embrace the earthy colors. Nothing in my life is brown! However, I am trying to mix my bright aesthetic with the earth tones so that I get brights mixed with neutrals…then it’s a win win!

  2. They are looking really good. I love the jars with lids.
    I finally got some of my hand build sugar skull mugs out of the kiln the other day. Looking forward to making more

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