A Little Slice of Heaven at a Great Price

_2016-06-23 08.14.35

Today I will continue to show the mini-paintings I’ve been creating for the Narragansett Art festival.  My hope is to send people home with an affordable piece of art ($50ish).  I’ve been painting all of my favorite local RI locations…

_2016-06-23 08.12.04 _2016-06-23 08.03.44 _2016-06-23 08.09.22 _2016-06-23 08.12.22 _2016-06-23 08.08.34 _2016-06-23 08.12.39 _2016-06-23 08.02.08 _2016-06-23 08.09.03 _2016-06-23 08.00.00 _2016-06-23 08.12.54 _2016-06-23 08.00.23

OK.  Back to work.  I’m sure I can squeeze a few more into today!!!


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