Cards In the Mail


My step-mother asked if she could turn my Christmas in Rhode Island etchings into Christmas cards for the upcoming season and I thought, what a great idea!

Since I was getting them made for her, why not try to sell them at the holiday shows I attend?  The original etchings I created were at a pretty high price point last year -mainly due to how labor intensive they are to create.  But a Christmas card can be plenty affordable.  I’m always trying to get some lower-price-point options at shows which is really hard to do when items are hand-crafted.  Hand-crafted=A lot of time.  Time=Money   ….yadda, yadda you know how it goes… so selling a print seems like a win-win.

Anyhoo.  The cards came in the mail today and I absolutely LOVE them.  My step mother said to leave space to sign them.  People loved signed prints and again I thought another great idea step-mom!  I will sign them for the holidays.   The color looks great, the paper is high quality…


and I even got to add an “official mark” on the back side. I tell you…it’s the back of the card that made my inner-art-geek gleam!


Well, since I was printing…I thought I might as well create a card out of this little “I love South County” Rhode Island gouache painting I did this summer.  It has all of the special details from our community.  It turned out cute as a button too.  (why chickens?  Our state bird is the Rhode Island Red !)


I have been collecting vintage Czech glass buttons for sometime now.  I actually get them shipped to me from Czechoslovakia.  Many range from the 1930’s-50’s.  I pulled them out because for Christmas I am going to de-shank them and turn them into pretty necklace pendants…  I’ve begun and I’m already very excited with the progress…

So that’s the quick update.  I’m working on mugs in pottery too… I shall have more to share next week.  Have a great weekend everybody!

Angels Among Us


2016-09-19 12.45.18.jpg

These are a little weird right?

I think it’s the faces…


I made a mold from an “Infant Child of Prague” Christian icon statue…

Believe it or not, they looked better today after they dried out.  The shiny clay did them no justice.

This was the last of the ornaments.  So far, I made 12 of each style.  However, these angels are only 8.  They were taking forever, combined with being well over the 50th ornament to pass through my hands!  I burned-out.  I started wheel-throwing mugs today…maybe I’ll go back and make those extra 4… maybe when I burn out from throwing!


Produce! Produce!



I already never want to see another Christmas ornament ever again ;)


My plan is to tie the tops of these to driftwood.  All of the sayings are made with over-sized alphabet pasta we found.  It burns off after firing leaving your sayings engraved in the clay.  What will be good, is if someone doesn’t want a heart for their Christmas tree, I’m pretty sure I could sell them at Valentines Day.  Better yet, if they didn’t sell then, I could give my husband all of them as a gift.  Wouldn’t he think I was so thoughtful… (Don’t tell him – in case it comes to that!)


I found this pretty feather which inspired me…


These are about 7 inches long… I plan on dipping them in a white glaze and adding silver wrapped wire to the tops…

So many little things…I dread the day I have to glaze them!

One more ornament idea to conquer…then I’ll be on to something else.

For sure!

Ready Set Go



Dropped those kiddos at the front-door of the school-house and floored it to the pottery studio! Quick sigh.  I’m ready to get busy doing creative stuff!

I made 5 or 6 templates for ornaments I am going to sell during the holiday season.  The first I chose to work on were these birds.  They are quite large actually -about 8×9″ inches.  They have two holes, so they can be strung like a triangle.  My inspiration came from Swedish Folk Art.

OK…what’s next on my list…


Anxiously Awaiting More Pottery

_2016-09-02 11.16.16 HDR

I’m so excited!

I’ve been eagerly sketching ideas for pottery creations for this up coming fall.

I start up again Tuesday after Labor Day.

A friend of mine Karen Stackow from Signs O’ Fire, has a booth for the next three days at The Rhythm and Roots Festival here in Rhode Island.  She is graciously selling some of my pottery in her booth. For doing so, I filled all my larger vessels with flowers from my gardens.  She sells my wares, I help decorate her booth.  Win-Win!

It reminded me, I never posted the finished outcome of the first pitchers I ever made.

I especially like the heart one.  It’s soft and smooth. Plus the colors look old like they’re from a country cottage.  I shall have to remember the glaze combination for future endeavors…

Even better  containing nature’s bounty!

_2016-09-02 11.39.01

Of course in digging everything up, I found these little sugar bowls I never posted about either…

Yes, tearing  through all the boxes has left me most definitely overly excited…

Now I just have to patiently sit through a three-day-holiday weekend…dag nabbit!